Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Motivational People

Last night my roommate and I were talking and I started thinking about how much other people affect my life. Sometimes it's just the little things like talking with your roommate till 1AM or going to lunch with a friend that really make life seem brighter. Lately I've realized how motivational my friends are and how most everyone I interact with makes me want to be better.

For instance, in the next little while I may or may not be posting about a spontaneous road trip down to St. George that involves running a half marathon. I'm not quite sure how it happened but last night, my roommates decided it'd be hilarious and fun if we all ran a half marathon that is less than two weeks away. I guess I'm still wondering about how funny it will be when I am carried across the finish line on a stretcher... maybe it'll be one of those things that will be funny and I can laugh at a long time after... a really long time after. Anyways, the point is I just appreciate the motivation to be better even if it is a seriously psychotic and extreme form of public humiliation... I mean exercise. I have great friends.

Everything that's going on with people in my life made me want to express how I feel when I am inspired by them... and only YouTube could satisfy my desire. You've all probably seen this before, but seriously, it gets better every time. Plus, this kid makes me want to achieve all my hopes and dreams and do something awesome like becoming Shamoo's whale trainer like I've always wanted to, and all in like what? 55 seconds? Yeah he rocks my worlds.

Monday, January 9, 2012


So I guess I am starting a blog. Why? "Cause, like, duh... everyone is like so doing it, guurrll!" Thanks for the social advice, made-up-popular-girl-in-my-head-who-occasionally-lends-advice-about-what-is-cool! Don't worry, I AM being treated for the voices in my head. Anyways, hopefully this should be fun and I will have something to post about. BUT I do have to throw out a disclaimer that this could be the dumbest blog ever or the most boring. Or maybe even so juvenile that people will love to read it so they can laugh at and make fun of what I post. I wish I could say I've never done that, but instead I just want to thank all the hilarious bloggers out there that have entertained me on more than one night. Maybe I can return the favor? We will see. If nothing else, this will be a place where you all can read and see some of the things I do for a social life here in good ol' P-Town.