Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Finals and Friends


In honor of BYU finals wrapping up, I thought I'd finally write this long overdue post. This is probably one of the select stories that I hope I never forget. Fortunately, it is immortalized on camera.

Keep in mind that although this experience was funny (at least to us), the moral of the story is "Finals Week breeds friendship."

*You can read the following for the context, but skipping straight to the video works too.*

Scene: Courtney and Sydney and I are sitting in our living room reading, because in Court's family it is a tradition to read a Christmas story every night in December. We are also waiting for her visiting teachers* to show up.

*Visiting teacher = In our church we have pairs of girls in the wards who visit each girl to get to know them and to make sure they are doing alright and to help them in any way they need. They usually come to say hi/talk and share an uplifting message once a month. Its a system of having each others' backs making sure everyone gets taken care of and has someone to be there for them, and provides an opportunity to serve each other.

Because of the situation of all three of us being in the same room, Sydney and I decide to just hang out and listen while Courtney talks to the two girls who came to see her (which is not usually the case and I don't know why we stayed but I think we were just lazy and didn't feel like standing up).

How it all started: Obviously everyone's minds were on finals and so Syd and I listened to the updates of how each girl's exams were going, what they were nervous for, etc... Somewhere in the conversation, our friend, Jess (one of Courtney's visiting teachers), mentioned that she was concerned about waking up the next morning for an early final. We brainstormed a couple ideas - maybe a louder alarm or going to bed earlier - but apparently none of that was going to help. And as is Courtney's way, she asked if she could help somehow.

Courtney asked if she could come knock on the door to help Jess get up or maybe check on her to make sure she was up before she needed to be leaving the apartment. Well that wasn't going to cut it. Brainstorming ensued...

Open the window and let the cold air wake her up?

Too boring.

Knock on her window with a piece of wood?

Not loud enough.

Open her window and shoot her with a nerf gun?

Too soft.

Poke her with a stick or other long object, perhaps a wooden spoon?


Mission WOODEN SPOON: After multiple failed test runs of nerf gun target practice (apparently too soft to wake someone up), it was agreed upon that this was an acceptable plan and would likely be successful. It was only after Jess and Lisa left our apartment that we realized what we had agreed to. Although we had agreed to wake up extremely early, we couldn't stop laughing so it took us awhile to get to sleep. All I could think was, "Is this for real?" But ultimately we hoped we could all help each other out and make Jess' morning a success! Plus, who doesn't want an extremely unique adventure at 4 in the morning???

Before I release this video for your enjoyment, please keep in mind that it was very early for all of the people involved, so lack of fashion, strange comments, and red eyes are part of the deal. It's just a fun story and we all had a good laugh, SO... don't whip out your popcorn and haterade to watch this haha.

So whether you're failing all of your exams or getting negative hours of sleep or you wore the same outfit everyday of finals, remember that finals week is not inherently evil. Just grab a nerf gun, wooden spoon, fencing sword, or other weapon of your own choosing and poke someone with it. I promise it will either give you a great story or land you in jail... which, in the end, makes for a good story.

There's always room for some of these (especially if you're "studying" right now):


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