Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dropped On My Head.

It's been awhile. I blame my head. But lately that's all I seem to do, so maybe I'll blame my laziness instead. Yes, that's better. Speaking of my head, I have TONS of funny stories to post. Seriously. Being able to laugh at myself has been extremely helpful during the last year of my life... otherwise, I'm pretty sure I'd have some serious issues. Or more issues than normal.

So my headache. Yes headache, not headaches. Just to review or if you didn't know, it all started last October when I felt like I was getting sick. A horrible headache came on all of a sudden and... we've been together ever since. So bottom line, I've had a headache since October with varying degree of pain and so far, no doctor has been able to figure it out.

I've had/done/tried/begged for/been coerced into/endured:

-migrane medication
-CT scan
-ER cocktail mixture (meds)
-MRI scan
-beta blockers
-anti-epilepsy meds
-multiple blood tests (too many to count)
-ENT visit to check for contact points
-occipital nerve block
-Botox injections
-spinal tap
-TENS muscle stimulation
-narcotic/serious pain meds
-anti-imflammatory meds
-allergy elimination diets

-AND pretty much every medication (and therefore more side effects than I care to remember) my neurologist could think of before he deemed my case as hopeless (more or less). True story - my neurologist gave up on me. Haha. Currently, I am treating a disease I got diagnosed with about a month ago through hormone replacement therapy and my new (favorite) nurse practitioner is hoping maybe it'll also help my headaches.

Hopefully this paints a picture at how desperate I have been/am for an answer to why I am constantly having a headache. Not only has it been completely exhausting physically, it's been emotionally draining. My doctors recommended seeing a counselor because of how emotionally taxing a chronic illness can be. I have always been wary of counselors/therapists, but honestly, I think everyone should have a therapist. It's seriously the best thing. Sometimes we don't even really talk about anything in particular, but having that third party outlet is oddly refreshing and relieving. I used to think that only crazy people saw therapists and I've been very hesitant to tell people I have one. But I think it's important to be open about it so I don't perpetuate the stereotype that only people who are skitzo or totally wack can have therapists. But maybe you're reading this and you think I fit into that category. Hopefully not. Anyways, I thought I'd throw that in here because I have some pretty strong feelings about the whole counselor/therapist thing. Get one.

What was I saying? Oh yeah, headaches suck. But what I'm trying to say is if you ask me, "Have you tried ____?" The answer is probably yes. Sometimes it's exhausting when people are constantly telling me to try this or that. But that's not to say I'm not extremely grateful for all the support I've gotten throughout this whole thing. It's really humbling actually. There is just so much concern for me from friends and family. I'm so blessed.

Probably the funniest thing is people will ask me, "Did you hit your head or something and you just don't remember?" Well, most likely I was dropped on my head as a child, but I use that to cover my other weird quirks, so I've been racking my brain to think if something else comes to mind. Surprise! I finally thought of something... well that's a lie - I found two pictures.

You're going to think I'm a nerd (if you don't already) for taking pictures, but I really wanted to post about these falls to show how clumsy I am. But now I'm thinking maybe I really DO have head trauma.

Event #1: I was on my bike and I didn't see this huge pile of dirt as I raced down the driveway. Hit the dirt and thud! I was going to post about how I was on my way to Brady and Alyssa's apartment - hence the things I do for a social life. Ha! PS it was dark when this actually happened which is why I didn't see it. I was still laughing about it the next day so I took a picture.

Event #2: Short story - I forgot something and ran back inside to get it on my way to a wedding. Stopped short because I forgot running in the snow is a bad idea.

So there you have it. Maybe my brain is just rattling around because I fall so often and the doctors don't have the heart to tell me I'm just clumsy and that's all there is to it. Case solved! So let it be known that the answer is YES! I have fallen and hit my head! Multiple times. Maybe that's why I have a headache. But probably these pictures only prove that I'm a nerd who documents her own clumsiness for other people to enjoy.

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  1. Okay as I read this I had a vivid memory of you hanging out in mine and Amelia's room freshman year and you got up to go to the bathroom and biffed it straight into Amelia's closet door. We were all laughing so hard, but you still had to go to the bathroom so you got up and went in and were still laughing hysterically while on the toilet. Pretty sure it is the first and last time I have ever heard such a sound coming from a bathroom. Oh the joy you bring to my life Chealsea.